Liam Shy has been DJ'ing, producing and throwing parties in San Francisco since he was 16 years old in 2000. Working with the Tantra crew [] he has organized stages at Love Parade/Love Fest, Castro Halloween [over 300,000 people] Pride, The How Weird st Faire and Pink Saturday. Liam eventually became the Assistant Manager at Tantra and together they have produced parties with Highko, Entropy, Naked Tourist, Void, Digital Talk, Psychotic Micro, Goa Gil, GMS, Toxic, Jellyheadz, Gataka, Penta, Chromatone, Ocelot, Olowanpi, Ghreg on Earth, and more over the years...

Liam is 23 and leaving his SF home to live in Egypt, where he will be studying Political Science at the American University in Cairo. While abroad he plans to continue working on his production and promote his music to a more international audience - between classes of course.


Liam Shy currently runs Logic Pro on a Macbook Pro sporting a 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo Processor. He just recently moved out of his killer studio in downtown SF to take the show on the road. He also sported a Virus TI Polar on many of his tracks, though that too had to part ways with Liam in order for his international travel.